Cross-platform implementation ?

Bertrand Giot 4 years ago updated by Zoran 3 years ago 1

Would be great to have a tool equivalent on Unix ? Why not also being able to access it through a browser ? Vote for this idea!


Connection to zOS MQ Manager

Zoran 3 years ago updated by Sebastian 3 years ago 62


I am trying to connect to MQManager on zOS but had no luck so far.

No matter what I try I am always getting same errors:

Same connection settings used in IBM MQ Explorer work just fine.

Any idea what is reason for this error and where can I look to solve it?



Bertrand Giot 3 years ago

zOS connectivity issues has been fixed in release 1.6.4


Migration to .net 4.6.x ? Are you ready ?

Bertrand Giot 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0

Do we need to keep support of the .net 4.5.x, or can we migrate to .net 4.6.x ?